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Kodiak Canvas Tent Differences

What are the differences between all of the similar Kodiak canvas tents?

Kodiak has many different tent models, many of which actually have the same size. Selecting the correct one for what you are wanting can be difficult. This selection guide will help point on the differences between similar models in all the various sizes.

Differences between the 6014 / 6010 and the 6044 / 6051 Kodiak tents:

For the flex-bow Kodiak tent design, Kodiak will have a basic model, a deluxe model, and a VX model. When comparing the 6044 and 6014 tents, you are comparing the basic model and the deluxe model respectively. The 6044 Kodiak tent will have 1 doorway in the front and back of the tent and 1 window in the front and back of the tent. The 6014 has an inside flap on the doorway that allows the doorway to double as a window. So the 6014 will have 2 windows on the front and back of the tent and 1 doorway on the front and back of the tent. The benefit of the 6014 Kodiak tent layout, in this case, is better ventilation. On the inside of the tent, the 6014 has some additional netting for gear storage; the 6044 does not. For storing the tent, the 6014 tent and pole storage bags have a cinch and tie feature; the 6044 tent has regular storage bags with simple tie-offs. All other features of these two tents are essentially the same. The exact same differences hold true for the 6010 (deluxe) and 6051 (basic) Kodiak canvas tents.

Differences between the 6014 / 6010 and 6041VX / 6011VX tents:

The 6041VX is part of the VX series of Kodiak tents. The 6041VX has every feature the 6014 has with one extra feature - additional windows on the non-entry sides of the tent. This gives the 6041VX 6 windows and 2 doorways for the best ventilation possible for a 10x14 Kodiak tent. This same difference holds true for the 6010 (deluxe) and the 6011VX Kodiak tents.

Differences between the 6133 and 6121 Kodiak tents:

These tents are very similar in the main structure of the tent; it is the accessory parts that differ. On the 6121, the tent as a standard flap awning common among the many different Kodiak tents. The 6133, however, has a deluxe awning. This means the awning has a larger pole structure to it; it is larger, more robust, and can have additional attachments (sold separately) to enclose the awning area off. These attachments include a wall enclosure and a screen enclosure. The 6121 cannot use either of these accessory attachment as there is no spot on the flap awning to attach the enclosures to and the enclosures are much too large to attach.