Lightheaded Beds and Lifetime Products

LightHeaded Beds Canterbury Twin Bed with back-lit LED Headboard Imagery - White (Chestnut sold separately)Lifetime products has now gotten involved in the new and exciting Lightheaded Beds products. With Headlight Headed Beds you can transform the theme from toddler through teens with hundreds of feasible headboard graphics to pick from. You can even tailor the graphics with your kid’s own images or art work!

According to Lifetime’s blog, Light Headed Beds are one of the recent additions to their online shop. These new Light Headed Beds are a fascinating advancement that permits you to really personalize your youngster’s bedroom decor. The headboard of this bed has been created with a lighted LED panel inset that could be personalized with HeadLightz graphic images. A considerable online gallery offers a variety of awesome HeadLightz graphics that will appeal to all ages. These picture graphics only take a second to switch out. You could effortlessly change the style as well as style of the bedroom as your kid expands from young child to teenagers. Exactly how great is that? However it gets even better! Not only can the LED panel be personalized with remarkable graphics, it also comes with a push-button control to adjust the lights of the panel from intense for reading, to dim for a nightlite, to fade to off. These Light Headed Bed kits have a gender neutral HeadLightz visuals, as well as a promo for an additional totally free HeadLightz photo of your option.

Light Headed Beds will be offered in Twin or Full size. The kit includes an illuminated head board, footboard, lumber rails, a remote for the LED panel, turn out slats to support the cushion, and also a gender neutral HeadLightz visual in addition to a discount coupon for a FREE HeadLightz graphic! (\* Bed mattress not included).

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LightHeaded Beds Product Video.

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LightHeaded Beds: the bed that illuminates your child’s imagination.

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