How Kayak Racks Can Lengthen Your Kayak Life

Stoneman Sports KC-103 Sparehand Catalina Freestanding Double Kayak or Canoe Storage Rack, Single Sided, Black FinishKayak racks are a great investment to store your kayak when not in use or to keep it protected and stored during the chilly winter months.

Kayaks left on the ground or among other debris are subject to more wear and tear and deteriorating conditions. Why not get a kayak rack kayak safely stored and organized?

Kayak World Products has the nice selection of racks, info and reviews that you can research to select your rack or storage system.

View Kayak Rack Examples Below:

View YouTube Video “How to Build a Kayak Storage Rack”

How to build a 6 Kayak tree style storage rack.

View YouTube Video “Kayak Storage Racks by Suspenz”

Kayak Storage Racks for outdoors and indoors use. The only kayak storage racks with the load-assist pivot arm for easy loading and unloading. Supports your kayak…

View YouTube Video “Review of the Gear Up Wall Mount Kayak Storage Rack –” Today we’ll be taking a quick look at the Gear Up Wall Mounted Kayak, Canoe or Surfboard Rack, rated at 150 …

View YouTube Video “Talic Kayak Tilt kayak storage” Kayak Storage Rack. Kayak Tilt mounts to any interior wall. Designed to cradle sit-on-tops and boats of all widths. This video shows …

View YouTube Video “Kayak Storage Rack”

View YouTube Video “DIY – Easy kayak Upright Garage Storage”

Ralph Blackwelder’s Home-made Kayak Upright Garage Storage System. Made for about $30.00 in parts from Walmart & Lowes. Easy couple hour project. Minimum too…

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    Kayak racks are a good way to protect your kayak during the winter or off season months. The car rack attachments make a convenient way for you to transport your Kayak.


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