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Competitive Edge Products, Inc advises the adhering to basketball training aids to help you with your basketball abilities or to help you as an instructor to much better help your gamers with their basketball advancement. If you are training, our young people basketball training helps will help you or your team get quicker reps exercising the fundamentals and enjoy in the process. Likewise consider our basketball training devices. Also consider toddler basketball goals for your little ones to start developing their game early.

SKLZ D-Man Basketball Defensive Mannequin + Markers, Dribbling Goggles, Shooting Aids Bundle and Reviews

Do you want to simulate practicing against a defender to improve your game quicker? Do you want to increase your shooting percentage and dribbling court awareness? This great bundle of items will help you with all of these improvements.


SKLZ Shot Spotz - Basketball Training Markers (Read Reviews)
SKLZ Basketball Shooting Target (Read Reviews)
SKLZ ShotLoc Basketball Shooting Trainer, Medium... (Read Reviews)
SKLZ Court Vision Basketball Dribble Goggles (Read Reviews)
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Bundled Items

Product Description: The D-Man Hands-Up defensive mannequin that is the ultimate in bringing -Inch defenders-Inch into your practice. Learn to shoot or pass over or around the hands-up defending position. Ideal for solo practice or team settings. The Sklz D Man will make a significant improvement to the effectiveness of your individual practice.

Product Description: Coaching basketball in the gym and working out at home just got more entertaining. Shot Spotz develop players-Feet court awareness by providing reference points for instruction with fun and challenging situational play. Includes basketball drill and game instructions, and a digital timer to perform timed drills as players make their way from spot to spot, perfecting their shot and quickness.

Product Description: See the target, make the shot with the SKLZ Shooting Target. This basketball shooting aid gives players a true target to aim for in the center of the rim while shooting from all positions on the court. The target attaches easily to the net hooks on the rim and doesn’t alter the ball in flight. Works for any shot on the court.

Product Description: Improve your shooting accuracy and ball control with the ShotLoc. This small shooting trainer spreads fingers for better ball stability and forces players to keep the ball off the palm of the hand. It promotes proper release and follow-through for better shooting and passing. Download the instructions below the details to determine your size.

Product Description: Have better ball control and improve court awareness with the SKLZ Court Vision Dribble Goggles. The goggles restricts downward vision forcing the player to learn to dribble by feel which increases confidence on the court. They’re comfortable to wear and mold to the player’s face.

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