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Details About Different Basketball Hoop Manufacturers

Major Manufacturers of Basketball Systems

The basketball hoop marketplace has hundreds of different systems from many different manufacturers. A frequent question is which manufacturer is best. The best way to answer that question is to understand what the details and products available from each manufacturer. Below we review each of the major manufacturers in the basketball goal market to help guide you to the right fit for your basketball needs.

Lifetime Products

Lifetime Products company logo

Lifetime Products has been manufacturing basketball hoops for consumer use for over 25 years. They are one of the first companies to patent a height-adjustment mechanism for their systems to allow the backboard height to be lowered so young players can reach the rim with their shots. While their product line has grown to include many different systems and designs, their bread-and-butter product is their blow-molded backboards. The purpose of this design is to provide a cheaper cost while making a durable product; their polycarbonate backboards are virtually unbreakable. Because of this, Lifetime caters to a largely a cheaper budget for a home basketball court system. Lifetime does, however, have several systems in the high-end range. When shopping in the higher budget, most basketball system will have a glass backboard. Lifetime's glass backboard systems are mostly marketed under their Mammoth Basketball line. These systems will have varying backboard widths, up to a regulation 72-inch size. Lifetime also manufactures both in-ground basketball systems and portable basketball system.

Spalding / Huffy

Those familiar with the Spalding story will understand the combination of these two names here. In case this is new information, Spalding acquired Huffy's basketball line several years ago and now markets most of the old Huffy line under their Spalding brand name. Spalding has a vast range of product options through a wide price range. It is important to know that Spalding is currently that manufacturer for the backboards and rims used in the NBA. On the low-end of the spectrum, Spalding has many systems that are the same or similar to products sold by Lifetime Products. These systems will have acrylic or polycarbonate backboards with basic poles and rims. Spalding, however, manufacturers in the high-end of consumer systems and currently makes the largest in-ground pole for a home sport court from any of the major basketball manufacturers.


Goalsetter is a unique manufacturer among all of the basketball hoop manufacturers. Goalsetter is the only one of the major manufacturers to currently manufacture exclusively in the United States. Based in Iowa, Goalsetter offers a broad selection of higher-end basketball systems. One very unique feature is Goalsetter's Signature Series basketball systems. These systems have an off-set pole; rather than being straight up and down like most other makes of basketball system, Goalsetter's off-set pole design has a straight-up-and-down portion, an angled-back portion, and then a long extended-arm portion. The purpose of this design is to provide better weight displacement than a straight up and down pole. This will improve the amount of shake the system experiences. Goalsetter also has a better overall warranty than Lifetime Products, Spalding, and Goalrilla in that they warranty their systems for dunking. All other manufacturers void the warranty if the system is damaged due to dunking (note that hanging on the rim is different than dunking; no major manufacturer warranties hanging on the rim).


The Goalrilla system is made by Escalade Sports and has a somewhat similar design to the Mammoth basketball systems from Lifetime Products, and more closely the Arena View basketball systems from Spalding. While the price point for Goalrilla systems is a bit higher than similarly-sized Mammoth basketball systems, Goalrilla systems feature a thicker tempered glass than Mammoth, which is the same thickness as most Spalding Arena View systems (3/8-inch). For their 60-inch backboard model, the pole of the system is larger (6x6) than the Mammoth 60-inch system (5x5). There are also a series of accessories that are sold separately with this line - a choice of 1 of 2 pole pads and a backboard frame pad.